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Grape Characteristics

Obtained in purity from the Ortrugo vine, autochthonous and specific of the Piacenza hills.


Soft pressing; “white” vinification (immediate separation of the skins); fermentation of the must in stainless steel vats at low temperature (about 18 ° c) to avoid altering the varietal aromas; refermentation in the autoclave until the level of overpressure around 2 bar is reached. Autoclave takes place on several occasions throughout the year, batch by batch, to guarantee freshness and fragrance.

Organoleptic characteristics

Fragrant white froth; straw-colored with green reflections; penetrating and clean perfume, with hints of fruit (pineapple, plum, apple) and fresh flowers; dry, sparkling, frank, delicately fruity taste. Served at 9-10 ° c, it goes well with starters, light first courses and fish.