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Sparkling wine

According to the European directives, a wine is defined as sparkling when, kept at a temperature of 20 ° C in closed containers, it has an overpressure, due to carbon dioxide coming exclusively from the fermentation in solution, not inferior to 1 bar and not more than 2,5 bars. As for sparkling wines, there are also non-natural sparkling wines or gassed wines (also called artificial ones) or those that present “an overpressure due to carbon dioxide in solution, totally or partially added”.

Many wines with a protected designation of origin have sparkling versions (sometimes called “vivaci“). Barbera is a vine that lends itself well to producing sparkling wine, as well as Malvasia: not surprisingly, among the labels of Cantina Valtidone, we find the “Aurora Malvasia Frizzante Doc”, the A”rmonia Ortrugo Frizzante Doc”, the “Malvasia 50 Vendemmie frizzante”, but also the “Caesar Augustus Gutturnio Frizzante Doc”.

Sparkling wines of our cellar

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