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Grape Characteristics

White grapes from the Ortrugo vine, autochthonous of the hills of Piacenza.


The grapes are harvested approximately in the first ten days of September. Its crushing takes place in a soft way; the skins are separated immediately. The first fermentation of the must takes place in stainless steel containers at a controlled temperature (about 18 ° c) to preserve the varietal aromas; the second fermentation occurs in autoclave at low temperature until the pressure level is around about 2 bar. The fermentation in stainless steel tanks (autoclave) is carried out at different times during the year, to guarantee freshness and fragrance.

Organoleptic characteristics

Its liveliness is white and lively; the straw-yellow color with greenish reflections; the scent is pleasantly penetrating and rich, with hints of fruit (pineapple, apple) and floral white flowers; dry, sparkling, with great freshness, and slightly fruity. Served at 10-12 ° c., It goes well with delicious appetizers and first courses based on fish.