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Cantina Valtidone, italian wines

Since 1966 passion and innovation tell a story of wines that are always new but with ancient flavors. In the heart of Val Tidone, immersed in the hills of Piacenza, just 60 kilometers from Milan, the cooperative Cantina Valtidone works and transforms the grapes of its 220 members and sells the wine obtained. Cantina Valtidone takes care of the bunch of grapes from the vineyard to ensure the preservation of the organoleptic qualities of the product right on the table, thus giving life to excellent “vini piacentini”.

New wines with ancient flavors

The “Val Tidone“, with its hilly terrain and an exposure south-south-east, has the most suitable characteristics for the production of fine wines. To make the most of its qualities and peculiarities, our winery has expanded its range of wines over the years, which today fully meets the needs of the consumer.

Our Wines