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Organic Wines

It is the new goal that Cantina Valtidone has set itself with bottles that can boast of this brand that is rapidly conquering the wine market. But the purpose is not just commercial. “By moderating the use of chemicals – underlines President Gianpaolo Fornasari – we intend to pay more attention to the environment and, in this sense, to drive a cultural innovation that involves the entire Val Tidone. The vineyards cover 1100 hectares of our magnificent hills, most of the members of the Cellar. We are, and I say it with pride, the valley of wines. Bio can be synonymous with further success and an example of safeguarding what nature has so generously given us “. With the enologist of the winery, Dr. Francesco Fissore, we talk about these new wines.

When does a wine say organic?

“The wine made from organic grapes is a wine that has not undergone chemical or synthetic treatments during any of the stages of the production chain. The fertility of the vineyards is therefore guaranteed through the use of harmless fertilizers, phytosanitary of natural origin and the plants are protected from pests and diseases through alternative methods and systems compared to traditional ones “.

It was difficult to get the certification?

“The controls concern both the vineyard and the plant. All the products used during the grape and wine process must be certified by the responsible body that, for us, is Valoritalia who has carried out and will carry out inspections. The production lines of organic wines must be separated from the others to avoid any contamination. And every step must be documented “.

Do they represent a new type of interest?

“There is a significant interest. Everything gives hope that it can increase exponentially but we prefer to move in small steps “.

Val Tidone lends itself to this kind of production?

“The last three harvests have all been characterized by warm and dry climate and there has never been the need to practice treatments in the vineyard. If the pedoclimate is maintained this way it is ideal for organic farming “.

Organic wines of our cellar

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