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Grape Characteristics

Obtained in purity from the Ortrugo vine, autochthonous and specific of the Piacenza hills. The vineyards are cultivated respecting the environment according to the criteria of organic agriculture.


Soft pressing; “white” vinification (immediate separation of the skins); fermentation of the must in stainless steel vats at low temperature (about 18 ° c) to avoid altering the varietal aromas; natural refermentation in autoclave.

Organoleptic characteristics

Fragrant white froth; straw-colored with green reflections; perfume of fresh flowers, penetrating and clean, with hints of fruit (pineapple, plum, apple); dry, sparkling, frank, delicately fruity taste. Served at 9-10 ° c, it goes well with starters, first and second light dishes.