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Grape Characteristics

Pure Ortrugo grapes, harvested in advance of the normal harvest, with a high level of fixed acidity, a limited sugar content and a good heritage of varietal aromas.


“White” vinification with soft pressing; first fermentation in steel vats at low temperature (18 ° c.) to keep the perfumes intact; autoclaving with the Martinotti-Charmat method; passage in the bottle without loss of pressure (isobaric bottling).

Organoleptic characteristics

White foam; fine, continuous, persistent perlage; delicate but well-expressed scent, with hints of white fruit, wild flowers and rusks; dry, clean and gentle, with a nice fruity background that rightly lingers in the mouth.
It should be served well fresh, at 8 -10 ° c. as an aperitif and to accompany all delicate foods, with the exception of pastry.