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Grape Characteristics

Barbera grapes 55-60% and Bonarda (Croatina) 35-40%. The grapes are selected in the classical area, on slopes ranging from (250-300 m.s.m.). The vineyards have a yield of around 85 quintals of grapes per hectare, (the latter much lower than the DOC specification).


The grapes are harvested at the end of September in a manual manner. Vinification takes place at a controlled temperature with maceration of the skins in the must in small stainless steel vats with frequent pumping over, to allow a selective extraction of anthocyanins and “noble” tannins from the skins. After decanting, the wine undergoes decanting before spending several months in medium-sized oak barrels to start the evolutionary maturation phase; below the bottling for the final phase of aging and then be put on the market

Organoleptic characteristics

With a deep ruby red color and garnet reflections; the bouquet is of good intensity and complexity, with hints of red fruit jam (plum, cherry) and more important evolutionary notes such as cloves, tobacco; the taste is strong, full, warm, and harmonious, with notes of fruit and light spiciness. At a young age slightly aggressive but then with time it goes to complete. Serve at 16 ° / 18 ° C. Its ideal pairing is braised red meats, and semi-mature cheeses.