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Grape Characteristics

Malvasia di Candia grapes selected in the old vineyards with very low yield on the hills of Val Tidone; the healthy and intact bunches are left to dry to concentrate the juice naturally.


“White” vinification with soft pressing and less than 40% in wine; the juice must ferment slowly, at a low temperature; the process stops naturally, so as to have a very high sugar residue (about 200 g / liter) combined with a high alcohol content.

Organoleptic characteristics

Glossy golden yellow color; intense aroma, with dominant scents of aromatic musk, clary sage, honey and candied fruit, with remembrance of withered flowers; taste very sweet but not cloying, soft and velvety, with a very long and pleasant persistence of aroma.
Serve at 10 ° with spoon desserts and blue cheeses